Aerosol Box



    "Aerosol Box" serves a protective layer for doctors and nurses in clinics and hospitals to the purpose of treating COVID-19 patients, especially during intubation procedures. 

    The Aerosol Box which made by clear cast acrylic sheets that slips over the patient's head and shoulder with two access holes for hands on one side.

    The idea is to avoid droplet spillage from the patient to the doctor during the procedure. It may involve the aerosolization of the droplets and doctors are usually in very close proximity to the patient's mouth.

    Important notes:

    • Safer than glass
    • Best optical clarity
    • Excellent chemical resistant to allow multiple cleaning and sanitizing 
    • Easy to be cleaned and sanitized
    • Lightweight and impact resistance for easy/safe movement


    Note: Some of the photos are provided by Dr. Hsien Yung Lai

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